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Our Technology

Our timing system is based on RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification), which is an Advanced Automated Data Collection (ADC), technology enabled to recognize athletes massively and remotely.


1. T4S BIB Numbers with electronic Tranpondres: The electronic transponder, which is incorporated in the participation number of each athlete, allows the recording of the identity and time of each athlete through the predefined checkpoints along the race route.

2. T4S Recording Antennas: They can be placed on the ground or on a side or an overhead  arch, depending on the needs of the race. They are placed on each race checkpoint, receive information from the transponder of the athletes’ Bib Numbers and send the information to the signal processing systems.

3. T4S Signal Processing Systems and Information Centre: Autonomous systems which are connected with the recording antennas and manage information for every single athlete. Each system can support multiple recording antennas according to the needs of the race. Upon receiving and processing the information, the information is sent to the secure T4S server on ‘Cloud’ for storage and later viewing of results.

4.T4S Central Cloud Server: Receives information from all race local information centers, processes it and exports results to the cloud. Results can be reached via any mobile device with a browser.

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